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If you do not have an avataar associated with your forum account, now is the time to upload one. A one-off project swings into action this Friday, the 23rd of September 2005, if you miss out you could be disapointed. I could just of barged on and produced this regardless, but I want everybody to have a change to join in so....

Look up - see the My Controls link? Click that.

See the Personal Profile menu, select the Edit Avataar Settings link.

Then look for the Upload a new image from your computer box

Click the Browse button

Browse your computer's harddrive until you find the image you want to use as an avataar and click on it.

The image you use should be a jpg file 64 pixels square. You can create it using any image editing program.

If your avataar is currently a gif, you can post a jpg version in this thread and I will use that for you, as gif's will not work in this project.

If you need help creating your avataar, ASK HERE.

If you want to check your avataar image complies, that's easy. Just right click on your avataar image over there on the left, and check it's properties. If it looks something like this www.ghostrecon.net/forums/uploads/av-7276.jpg then you are IN!

Anyone who does this MUST let me know by posting in this thread that they have added a new avataar.

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Yes, it will need to be uploaded via your control panel, or it will miss out on the fun.

Like I said, it has to be a jpeg, if it is a gif, I will change it to a jpeg but it might not turn out the way you intend, so get a jpeg uploaded quick smart. And make sure you post in here you have done so, or it will be missed.

Don't miss out on this T, upload your image ASAP :thumbsup:

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