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I have had success with the patch as well Earl. Excellent mod you have made. I am curious as to what the complete version will include however. I looked through the forum and your website and did not see anything on what will be in the finished product.

Again excellent and astpoudning job Earl. IMHO one of the best out there. It keeps the original balance only with superb models. Excellent Job.


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It keeps the original balance only with superb models

Thanks Ghost! That's exactly my goal.

I'll probably rework the upgrade website so it makes more sense - isolate the Part One weapons on a new page and start another for Part two.

The idea is to eventually replace ALL original weapons (enemy weapon included) with my own models - there probably won't be many changes or additions, except for a few new optics on the Russian weapons to keep things balanced for NATO vs Warsaw Pact.

Glad to hear the patch is running well for everyone so far! I'll make it official tonight.

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You know, I never payed any attention to NATO weapons until I started this project. So far, all I know is from the weapons I've worked on.

I have no idea which MP5 I'm going to make - I'll start researching it when I get there.

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Not sure if Earl minds me sharing this but he posted these pics on the forums of the Op. Flash. mod he's contributing weapons to. I hope he won't yell at me too much. :D And I quote,

"And I'm definitely a fan of making worn textures - here's a painting I was playing around with while I was on Christmas holidays (didn't even have my Wacom tablet) "



Hopefully we'll see weapons like that in the hands of the GR baddies and in MP.

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Yeh, no kidding – Earl's win, no contest

OMG, that AK-74 is insane!

You should so MP-5A4 and MP-5SD5 versions (they are the ones with fixed stocks and 3 round bursts), and definitely like an Aimpoint scope or something.

Just wondering, how does your sight for the M-203 work, I have never seen anything like that before but it looks like a marked improvement over the standard leaf sight. How do you use it? What does the sight picture look like?


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The leaf sight is for close range firing - that's basically all you ever do in GR. The unit I attached to the M203 is a quadrant sight. The regular issue quadrant sight is usually attached to the carrying handle - RSE put it on their M16s.

It help you calculate the landing point of a lobbed grenade - so lets say you range a target at 200m, you rotate the sight to the 200m setting, then look down the sights at the target (you rifle will be pointing upwards).

The one I put on the guns is from Knight's Armament. It does the same thing, but instead of iron sights, it has a mini reflex sight. The mounting location means you don't need a carrying handle, so you can attach other optics like I've done.

SF sometimes use a laser for the M203, from Wilcox Industries. I was going to put this on Buzz Gordon's M16A4/M203, but it still has the carrying handle attachment, and I didn't have time for all that.

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