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That m4/m203 makes my knees go weak.

Yeah. These ARE the sweetest models in current exsistance. :wub:

Gr8 work.

BTW if the FN-FAL has a SUIT then it should be locked to single shot for authenticity and be called the SLR (Self Loading Rifle) but then it wouldn't be much fun. <_<

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*bows to the south*

All hail mighty Earl

All hail mighty Earl

All hail mighty Earl

*stands up and falls down again because he just saw the M4 with desert camo*

*4 hours later*





Those are awesome Earl

Two Questions

1. When will this awesome mod be coming out?

2. Will there be a M4 Masterkey in desert camo?

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I dont recall any SLR version with folding stock.

A GR FAL looks more like an Argentinian FAL in Para version.

And I also dont remember any FAL having a 3 round Burst.

The version Earl has is the FN Fal Para, as is RSE's, not the L1A1. Earl added the SUIT sight after a fan inquired if adding that particular implement would be possible. Obviously Earl has been quite willing to oblige peoples requests and I think we owe him a great deal of thanks.

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Just a general update - I haven't worked on the mod for a few days, and probably won't get any time until Sunday. I'm having a few strange problems, though I think I understand the reasons.

If those can be solved easily and don't hold me up too much, I can probably have the mod ready by Sunday evening.

There won't be any new additions for Part One, and I won't be adding desert camo to any other rifles.

So no three round burst for the FAL Para? I removed the 3 round burst settings from the SOPMOD M4s already.

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Yes, there is no 3-round burst option for any FAL variant produced in Belgium or Brazil. FN added the 3-round burst option with the FN-CAL, and then again with the FN-FNC.


Reason for asking is that we had a little discussion elsewhere, and a single prayer that UBI´s developer wasn´t drunk or something when they where developing the FAL (as they must have been, developing the M4 SOCOM-SD for GR:IT).

But this don´t seem to be the case...

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Earl: this is a bit of a stab in the dark but, is the reason your having trouble becuase some or all of your models/kits/sounds/guns are named the same as the originals? :huh:

if they are all your need to do is rename them to something like "upg_m4.gun".

For some reason GR starts to do bad things if there are files with the same name in "your mod" and "origmiss". It's happened ever since patch 1.3

just a guess, :unsure: hope this helps

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I can probably have the mod ready by Sunday evening.

ahh ... 9:30 sunday, no mod ... ahhhh, Loosing patience!

I know I shouldn’t rush you … no pressure

Better latter than make the mod worse - or rather not as good.


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I think it's pretty much ready right now - I better give it another quick run through to have a look at everything, but it's pretty much bug free.

I'm going to put it on Baconbomb for a few hours (it's 8:45pm here right now) but I'll probably take it down at 10:30 or 11:00pm to save bandwidth. Hopefully Rocky is around to grab it and get it on Fileplanet. Stay tuned!

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I'm about 10 minutes away from posting a link to the download.

I'd like to explain one of the problems I've had that I haven't figured out yet -

The M16, M4s all use a common texture for the receiver. I never had trouble doing this before, but maybe because of the number of variants it has become a problem.

Sometimes, an M4 or M16 will have a white receiver - the texture doesn't load for the model. You will see it in the selection screen. It seems you have to 'reload' the model by choosing a different weapon then going back to the M4 or M16. It's a very quick solution, and works everytime.

I think I can work around the problem by creating new copies of the main texture and using a new texture file for each model, but that will increase the overall mod size by about 400kb each time.

There should be a better solution -- right now I'm using one texture for every colt magazine, and so far those never turn white.

If you notice anything that sounds different from the above description, please email me with the details. I may just have been sloppy with my material assignments in 3dstudio. I'm going to export my models to 3DS format, then import them and reapply materials from a clean scene. Hopefully that will get rid of any bad materials that could be causing the conflict.

Here's Ramirez, who will replace Jodit Haile on the Desert Siege roster:


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I don't mind the FAL. I was just thinking of something I saw in a book where it mentioned the SLR with a SUIT.

This looks great though.

JUDGEMENT DAY HAS COME <insert enemy's name here (Cuban, Ossetian, Ethiopian or Russian. note may include others if used in conjuntion with other mods.)> BWAHAHAHAHAH :devil:

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