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Very nice, Ruin! Good job.

Yes, I agree, it was very nice of Ruin to start a thread about my mod. Good job Ruin! :lol:

So here's the latest - the FN Fal Para gets a trusty old SUIT once used by the British army:

fal_para_t11.jpg fal_para_t12.jpg fal_para_t10.jpg

The Standard Upgrade webiste is updated with the full linup as well, see my sig for link.

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Very nice, Ruin! Good job.

Yes. I agree. :)

lol... I wish I was 1/8 as good as Earl. Then I'd be very proud of my self.

Things look great so far Earl.

Keep us informed.. before the little people become restless and there's a revolt!

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:wall: I REALLY want to like this mod, and don't get me wrong, it's the BEST weapons mod i've ever seen. However there is one problem. On the M4s and M16, the barrel-cooler gets slightly larger as it approaches the stock. Not much, but it is noticeable. Just add it in and I'll quit complaining. Other than that, GREAT WORK DUDE! I wish I could use 3DSM that well... But then again I used a crappy rip from Kazaa and it's screwed up. Actually I still need to go to Wal-Mart and shell out $45 for the GR complete collection so I can play multiplayer (yes, I've been operating a rip for the past 2 years). :o=
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First of all I'd like to say that all your weapons are phenominal.

I have been using navy seals 2.0 since I can remember because of the quality and sounds.

I recently visited your site and read that Piccolo had something to do with this mod?Is that correct?Because anything that he does I want and have to have.

A response would be great because he has been elusive since navy seals 2.0 and I really want to keep up with his work.

Keep up the good work,


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foxship > Piccolo has no direct part in this mod. This is my own project from start to finish. However, I do chat with Piccolo once in a while when I have questions -- and he's sent me lots of useful images too.

I also have to give credit to Q[ARMM] for info he's provided, and to Zrated for info about the M240.

hitman > keep banging that head, pal :wall:<_<

eamondevalera> sorry, I used KAC's rail system, it seems to be the one accepted by the US Army for the MWS (right now).

jtf-2 > i'm little people too, and i didn't forget, i've just been really busy making the Island Thunder lost weapons (attn: the_slink) and SR47 and M4 SOPMOD in desert paint. I didn't want to ruin the presentation by showing partial progress... so here it is:





Okay, that's enough, go to http://www.baconbomb.com/upgrade for more screenshots (there's 28 new ones!). The gallery page is updated and final.

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lol :P . don't wory Earl, i was just kidding!

glad to see you are one of us ;)

i don't have the words to tell you how good your latest batch of weapons are. i can't believe how good the sr47 looks. (i was secretly hoping that you would include it. it's the one from your OFP mod right?)

you never cease to amaze. did you change the hand positions so the supporting hand wouldn't hit the foregrip?

PS, that camo m24 really works well in the screenshot!

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Earl, thank you so much for the lost IT weapons, you've done so much, and its only part 1! You even made an underrated gun (FAL) even better. Already looking forward to part 2 over here (mmmm, AK 47s, MG3s, MP5s, etc).

Oh yeah, that's awesome you're bringing in the SR-47, very cool.

Edit: One more thing, I'm interested to see how the M-29 (OICW) turns out.

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I've returned from my trip and what do I see?- more lovely toys. Very nice work Earl. I'm glad you included the IT lost weapons as Joe Sauder has advised UBI won't authorize their release. I'll sit back, enjoy the view, and patiently wait for their release.

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Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn... Those models are rad.

I got 2 questions:

1- On those in game pics you posted, what graphics settings are you using? The only reason is that from what I see, the pics on your web page look to be clearer than the in-game shots... does that make sense?

2- Can we get a suppressed m24!?

Good Job Earl.

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