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First PC Screen With HUD

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I agree WK... the 'weapons fire direction' looks to be implemented well (Kinda reminds me of the HX5 mod.. jmho).

The big hud vs smaller hud kinda reminds me of those old beer commercials....

Less filling vs tastes great :yes::rofl:

WK... you play "Conrad Dobler"!!! :huh::D (The 'young' pups won't get it) :whistle:

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Yes I did.

Meeting Ubisoft

I first met with Mathieu Girard, the Senior Producer at Ubisoft for the press preview and shared it with Volker Holstein of Games-Power-World (a German games magazine) and another reporter who's name I don’t recall. Mathieu did the standard press preview and answered the basic questions that the three of us had. One of the first things I noticed other than the FPWV was the reticule. It is an almost exact replica of the original reticule we had in GR. He showed us some of the animations with the sliding and diving. I think some will like being able to see your character's feet while doing so. I personally am undecided on the sliding feature, but it may come in handy when under assault from enemy fighters. While most of what I was shown by Mathieu has already been reported on, I will share things not found in the usual fluff pieces by the regular press.


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Wall textures look a bit naff close up, suppose it depends what graphics card is rendering the scene.The weapon detail looks good.Nice one WK, the more i see GRAW pc screens the more i believe the game is getting closer.Maybe a demo first?Where did you say that pc screen shot came from?

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This is really looking great. I have to admit how surprised and pleased I am with the direction this game is going in.

Dito for me. :thumbsup: If I were to get picky, I'd like to see that "Locked" text not be so prominent. It reminds me of those old b-rated movies where everything was labled just incase the audience was dumb. Like a door marked, "secret lair", envelope marked "secret evidence" . I think a simple ret color change will sufice or at least reduce the text size and stick it to a corner or away from the middle of the screen.

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I think the "graphics" of the HUD are great, translucent look etc & good compass etc, I have no problems with that.

I just got used to the nicely tidy HUD of GR1 especialy on 1280x1024 res. This sort of looks 1024x786 style HUD, hence the scaling question.

Bascily HUD as it is exactly graphics wise but scaled down somewhat (so it doesnt look like a cluttered console screen).

Less is more as I always say.

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