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"Alien" Sighting in Thailand ..


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Cool story, the funniest thing was this comment on the 1st page though...

chance of other Life in the Universe = 100%

Chance of advance life form visiting us =000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.1%(gu=ive or take)

my 0.0000002 cents

Yeh, the chance of us being visited is as high as 10% (look at where he put the zeros).


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They do come.. Its just that they erase peoples memory, Those who were on Magic mushrooms were imune to the memory erasing device for that moment and Witnessed the true moment of their world neighbours.. :D

OR maybe they check on their GIANT Tripods that are Buried Deeeeeep into the earth, one day waiting for a Part-ay! .. :thumbsup:

Just wait for that Odd Lightening storm ..

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