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hx5 chopper


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hey all. can anyone help? i'm having some trouble getting the choppers from hx5 to move/ follow path. i've tried the usual speed - path, but doesnt seem to work. does anyone know how to get these going? i also tried it as a trigger plan, but still no luck.

really want to use these choppers for an idea coz they are a pretty good shot and they can be shot down. can anyone help? :D

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hi there, someone else will probably give you a full rundown, but i know two things.

I find it easier to go speed/path/speed/path etc setting the speed first then

setting a new path point but NOT extending that path. The chopper will head to the new path point , so all you got is path arrows... not a line for it to follow.

also, i found it prefers to travel in a straight line. Changing direction I gave up on.

As well, to start with I put the chopper on a 'blue floor area' off the main map (menu/view/debuginfo/floors), then teleport using "teleportairvehicle" (chopper/to location/facing location/atspeed) You need to set up 'locations' using effects and label them eg "Heli-from" & "Heli-to" or something and keep them in line with the paths.

start by getting it to move in a straight line, taking off and landing, etc

hope this helps for now

Paly (rookie modder)

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hmm. tried that, still wont move! i dont get it. i can get other choppers to move, but not the hx5 choppers. i wanna use them because they can shoot and be shot down. could this be anything to do with altitude? i've tried as many things as i can think of, but they just wont move from the place i put them. bugga. thanks for trying though. :wall::rofl:

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###### sticks! tried that too, but the scripting is a bit above what i can understand. i've even tried using a heli from blackops, which moves fine, and giving it a trigger plan to drop to zero altitude when it's hit by a rocket...... but, it just fly's around the place dissappearing into this and that. BLOODY HELL!!! i'm nearing hysteria with this one...... :wall::wall::wall::wall::wall::wall:

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sounds like you already know quite a bit of scripting, so the heli is at the right altitude it just won't move eh?

I found I had to have my newly created mission in the HX5 missions folder for my helicopters to even appear. Since they are part of that mod.

run thru the problem slowly.... let us know what it IS doing, apart from not moving.

if it's on the ground, check the vehicle editor in igors tool option and make sure it isn't a "tank" (by selcting load vehicle and finding the .vcl in the actors folder)

good luck


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cheers mate. the problem is just that it wont move. it will rise to whatever altitude i give it, but wont follow any path. i've tried it with one point a-b, several path points to make it smooth, teleporting it then having it follow a path, trigger plans...... it's just not moving. it will hover and fire, but only on the spot where i placed it originally. the only reason i persist with it is coz theyre good heli's - like 'em. i've read everything on hx5 i can find, but what works for others, doesnt seem to work for me. i must have misunderstood something somewhere.... :wacko:

it's a challenge - that's for sure. persistance is key with igor i reckon. any ideas?

cheers for the reply. :D:D

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From what I can see in Igor, the drag_copters are tanks

in the mission scripts where they work they have NO altitude, this could mean they are drawn in some way as to look as though they are airbourne, when in fact they are grounded....hmmm...it's wierd

only the harn_copter in HX4 is a helicopter

will need the input from somebody more qualified

gonna search the forum


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This is too difficult for me,

There is a help folder (the first folder) in the HX5 mod folder on your PC

TIP: Using Igor use edit to rename the map/mission(s) you find in the 'mapmodding' folder to "***anyname" then save as "anyname" to your HX5 missions folder...the *** means that way it will be top of the list when you run Ghost Recon.

Then you can use Igor to understand how it was done. I guess.

good luck, hope you triumph.

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I had the same problem when HX5 first came out. Darn helos would just sit and not follow a path.

Try this:

-Place helo (the ones tagged as tanks) at a starting position slightly higher on the terrain than the first path marker. ( I used the control click to place the path point and shift click to lay out the path)

-If the starting position is high enough the helo will fly over some obstacles.

I just tried this on the "hx5mod-d01-coop-helotest" mission in the HX5 folder and it worked much to my surprise. Even used a trigger plan to activate it.

Try it and see if it works for you.


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