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I Hate to harp on about this but.......

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Well, if you want to play on a cheat free server and with a bunch of good people, try my hosted games or the GR.net dedicated server.

Are you saying you still currently host such games? If so, I have a lot of rust to shake off ;)

Well, a couple of days ago I tried to play GR and even that crashed my PC. I am currently having problems with the after effects of Starforce on my system. I will be reformatting really soon so I can play games and host again.

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OK In track again as JF Sebastian said

what about jumpin a wall ? well not to jump da wall , but be able to jump a Little tiny can o beer LOL , u have to move around small objects :rofl: , climb small fences or obstacles but o well :whistle: same ol , same ol the game industry :rofl:

this looks already a cheap soap opera :rofl:


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I do believe Grin or UBI made it clear that(oops, maybe someone who knows made it clear) that jumping in GRAW isn't possible. It's not right for GRAW.

Play other games if you want to jump, but GRAW will be for hard ###### blokes who just want tactical game play. this with a pure dose of hardcore adrenaline, testosterone and plenty of british and american beer to go along with it.. :rofl: not to mention a wee bit of some hard liquor I'm sure :thumbsup:

But jumping wouldn't be good for the"ghost recon classic" flavor. :yes:

I tip my beer to my british comrades in the UK and my comrades and friends inEurope :cheers:

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As I say LOL same ol same ol .... keep tipin ur beer LOL , dat's weird that GR in XBOX can climb a lil obstacle(some) LOL , and I really dont care if they make it CLr or not , its just wut damass want not just a few, LOL and Tactical Oh u talkin about SWAT or RVS ? there u can have ur LOL HArdocre adrenaline, tetosterone < LOL >and play with lots o ppl around the world drinkin beer from other parts of the world not just Uk or USA ,but its ur personal taste :) ur call, here were not talking about jumping beans LOL , but as I say same ol , same ol ...........the game will arrive as it is , to be played for all Hardcore and new players to discover or Rediscover a "game",remember It's a Game LOL no real life DUDE !! OMG Hardcore Adrenaline ? :rofl:

I still say to be able to climb obstalces is COOL!! for "THE Advance Warrior" WHAT?!! HE CANT CLIMB an obstacle ?? and its an ADVANCE WARRIOR ??! OMG LOL .

cheers with any kind o beer :) SALUD con cerveza Moctezuma :cheers:

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But jumping wouldn't be good for the"ghost recon classic" flavor. :yes:

Ooo beeeerrr…uh I mean, yes we all want to keep it classic, but this episode of GR will take place in a city environment.

In a jungle, forest, desert settings it is hazardous to jump over tings because of the terrain.

It doesn’t have its place in the game.

In the city it is more necessary to hop over tings instead of going around it. It would make sense to see soldiers jumping over objects in an urban battle situation.

.02 :thumbsup:

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I luv those conventions :) nice GURLS , if u want goto PC IGN LOL ,maybe u read it maybe not by Ivan Sulic , anyhow :harhar: read this if u want , ok , LOL dats hilarious OMG !!

In addition to having access to a cache of state-of-the-art weaponry, Ghosts will also make use of a few nifty moves that haven't been seen too often in other first-person shooters. When in danger, a Ghost can run and slide on his bum or stomach. The feet-first slide is particularly cool because it hints at maybe being able to kick open doors or -->"jump through windows Jackie Chan style."<-- Other tricks include the eight-way lean that snaps into place when a Ghost enters tactical readiness at a nearby cover point. These sorts of basic control improvements should help make the player feel like a capable warrior and not some generic map happy gun on a railroad track, at least.

Well raton in some way ur right bro. but a real soldier jumps, crawl,prone,run,and blah blah blah,For a "GAME" dat wut climbin or jumpin would make a Pretty interesting game ,why u ask? imagine.. meanwhile u climb an obstacle u are easy target , right :snipe: , now... if u jump and not be careful u stab urself in a wood fence etc , or just broke a ankle LOL so... that kind of measures ur gameplay :hmm:

so there GRIN ur TEETH LOL and hope all the BUGS are fix on the release of the game .

I dono why but feels like "Advance Warrior" its getting Old already LAMO . jk LOL

SALUD a Todos. ( to all)


Edited by Cuchillo*
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