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RSE Letter to the Community


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Today I received a very cool letter from Red Storm Entertainment. It is my understanding that each of the dedicated Ghost Recon fans sites have recieved the package.

It's a thank you to the community and Ghost Recon fans for their support and feedback over the years. Five of the Lead Designers on Summit Strike included their own personal thanks to the fans, it makes very good reading.

This is a really cool gesture from the makers of Ghost Recon. I can't think of any other community that has recieved personal thanks from the development team of a major title in this manner.

I mentioned above that it was a "package", because also included was a huge Summit Strike poster dedicated to GhostRecon.net and signed by the whole development team!

The letter and a photograph of the poster are below, enjoy!




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That's a very nice letter anda great poster and all. I'm sure it's a very gratifying experience for the operatators of GR.net too but . . . .

seeing as the huge majority of the browsers of Gr.net are the pc fans the whole gesture feels like a very strange none sequeter.

I know the RSE people seem pretty cool and my guess is that they really are and that they had no say in the desicion to ignore the pc crowd when it came to GR2 but it just seems very odd to me after waiting years and panting over every tiny bit of news of PC GR2, then being told we aint getting it, to get the team saying "thank's for your interest and input, here's a big poster of the game you never got to experience."

If anything i'd rather not be reminded as I and i'm sure many many PC GR fans still feel terribly bitter about the whole GR2 thing. I'm still gonna buy GR3 though, cause i'm not the type to cut my nose off to spite my face.

I just don't wanna have the GR2 thing waved around.

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Thank You Redstrom, but really, thanks to all the devs who put all their hard work into a game. You try to make is as best you can with the limitations you have. You can't please everybody and many of us here understand that, so thank you. That was a very thoughtful gesture and is much appreciated.

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I guess so,

i don't mean to act like a bitter old spurned lover or anything. sniff sniff it just still hurts soooo baddddddd  :(

Ah well, WK's report has cheered me up some.

I didn't get a chance to contribute to the letter, but I would like to say personally that we appreciate the feedback from the community. People from the fansites and forums, including GR.net, GR Retreat, the Official forums, GRtwo.com, and the Xbox forums, among others, provide a lot of information that we take into account when we work on the franchise that we all love. I was a fan before I started working on games, my first one being GR:IT Xbox, and I still am. Special thanks to the people that spend the time running the sites and forums that give the fans a place to voice their opinions.

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Wow!! :o

Well that's a testiment to all the good work that Rocky & co at gr.net have done over the past few years. Certainly without this web site I would never have got into GR1 in the way I did, as the news, downloads and support on this forum have been invaluable to me over the years and the way that this web site is run is second to none imo.

Like I've said before, whenever I play a different game, like CS:S or Doom3, I always think "now where's that games gr.net web site?", I'll add that I never do find one!!

I know Rocky wouldn't do this, but someone sold a decent enough HL2 fan web site + forum for around £100 a little while back, so can you imagine what GR.net would go for?

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I know Rocky wouldn't do this, but someone sold a decent enough HL2 fan web site + forum for around £100 a little while back, so can you imagine what GR.net would go for?

Nah. I did get offered for the site once, but it's not about cash, as I explain in my upcoming interview heh.

Thanks for the comments Serellan. :)

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You know... I think they're really surprised the community has kept this game alive for such a long period of time, and to tell you the truth I am also.

I know this game is great and saying that is tough on most of us, but you have to many games have come and gone after GR and some people have jumped on them.

I guess what I'm getting to is that this letter is an appreciating letter and one that says... "You guys are one the best communities out there. thanks for keeping our game alive after all these long year and for keeping it alive"

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Of all the games i have played Ghost recon 1 (PC) is definately surpassed them all, most games i play for a couple months than they get old and are uninstalled to make room for the other flavour of the month. Ghost recon 1 (PC) is the only game i can say that has been on my computer never uninstalled for well over a year.

In fact i bought Ghost recon 1 (PC) when it first came out and followed up with DS and IT as they were released. I am still playing Ghost recon 1 (PC) and its expansions and it is well into 2005 now. In that time i have tried lots of other demo's but none have measured up to Ghost recon 1 (PC) enough for me to buy them and i even tried some console games but still Ghost recon 1 (PC) has been the only game i have really played in all those years.

Due to its terrific layout, and flexibility due to excellent moddability and editing with the mission editor photoshop or 3d studio max, the game never gets old and an amazing modding community sprung up bringing players great new mods on almost a weekly scale. The game its self plus the modders really is what made Ghost recon 1 (PC) such a hit, an amazing product to start with plus continious new expansions in the way of mods was just awsome.

I almost can't believe RSE is thanking us the fans because in the end I think we the community really owe the members of RSE that were incharge of making Ghost recon 1 (PC) a reality because they have given us so many years of enjoyment in the form of their game.

I hope one day in the future i can buy another game that has the same lifetime as Ghost recon 1 (PC) has had. A good game you can enjoy for years straight with continious new material being added is IMO as good and worth as much a console system.

I hope in the future I will be able to purchase another PC game from RSE and be able to say the same things about it as i could with Ghost recon 1 (PC). Many thanks for such an awsome product and may your future games be as great and sucessful.

Edit: That Better Rocky? :thumbsup:

Edited by jay316
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KRP you got a damn good point there ;)

I could still go negative and say "gimme my life back from the release of the castle day demo till about 8 months ago" but the truth is there was nothing i would rather have been doing at the time than spending hours on end skanging around tryin to bushwhack other clans.

GR1 i think was the pinicle of my game playing life.

In order of greatness it went something like.

1. Ghost Recon.

2. Rome: TW

3. Operation Flashpoint.

4. Battlezone 2.

5. Doom.

6. Cybercon 3. (Amiga)

7. Turrican. (Amiga)

8. Shinobi. (Arcade)

9. Space Wars. (Arcade)

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3 computers one laptop.

One thing in common.

All have GhostRecon in it.

Can't say that on newer games I've got.

Dell 9200 (or is it 9300?) laptop: GR1, Full Spectrum Warrior

SLI PC: GR1, RB6:RS,HL2, BF2, Far Cry:OE

Blue PC: GR1,RB6:RS, Full Spectrum Warrior,SC (1&2), NS2003

Falcon Talon: bought it bcoz of GR1 RB6:EW,UO

Mother's Falcon Talon: GR1 and Full Spectrum Warrior and SC2

...no she doesn't play, but I do when I get to "fix or update" her PC :whistle:

THAT HOW GOOD RSE was with their games, UBI, YA HEAR ME? :o=

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