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Your opinion on these two games?


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3/5 my opinion for this FPS!

graphs are great...no doubt...But in SP i dont like the enemy movements..they kinda jump-run..not realistic..i got bored after couple days..maps are nice...u can run boat jeeps...

Ull get more fun in MP..gametypes..if u google ull find some downloadable mods for it...at gr.net ull find a mod usin gr maps playable in FC..Some guns reminds me of BF2..no accuracy..the binos are cool. buti dont reallylike the kits in the game..Often u dont see where ur bullets ended...


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Far Cry is one of the best SP FPS's to come out in recent years - have no idea what pagey is on about with "jump-run": to the contrary the enemy will sneak up on your last seen position and scare the living daylights out of you (ie: they don't magically 'know' where you are).

Take the critters out of FC and you would have a 9/10 game.....IMO of course :rocky:

If you get it, make sure you try the Matto mods (there's thread in this section) - they are excellent.

I couldn't much get into Brothers in Arms. It may just be that the WWII market is oversaturated, or something else....dunno :blink:

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BiA is very competent story telling. My issues with the game stem from the fact I did not have the ability to save lives. No matter how daring you are, certain characters will die at appointed times. Conversely no matter how reckless and useless you are as a leader. characters will not die until their time is due.

At the time I ran the title I wanted more game, less story telling. Although I believe a story is absolutely essential, I was too restricted. To me it was like playing multiplay with friendly fire turned off. Just an opinion mind you. Great feeling in the title though.

Far Cry had some interesting visuals, physics, and better than average AI. The story deteriorates a bit, but it was great nonetheless.

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Out of the 2 ... Far Cry - for more long term play.

I took borthers in arms back after a day, it was good for all things eye candy and flank fest but the story part bored me and got in the way, plus I dont see many goind to mod for it like I see for far cry.

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