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Vista Inspirat


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This is a really neat little program.What the makers

have done is to overwrite the WinXP files to make your

windows look like the up and coming Windows Vista.

Note when you install this it WILL create a restore

point should you get into trouble with this program. I hesitate to call this a program, rather a shell overwrite completely

1. this is not some program running in the background.

It redoes WinXP to work as it should, fast AND

reliable without any lag or resource usage. like an upgrade mind you.

2.All icons and and the desktop have been completely

redone to look exactly like Vista, even with the

taskbar at the top.

all the explorer windows act and look like vista to

the "T"

Download all this and alot more at crystalxp.net and look for the multilanguage "vista inspirat" and download...

remember, this is not some emulator, it overwrites

original XP files after doing a restore point should

you change your mind. it looks great and works without

a hitch. everything has a new look and is worth the




P.S. alternate download link : or here

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Yeah that bar up at top is editable. the control panel looks alot different. pretty.

I guess since Vista will have DRM capabilities, this vista inspirat is a good thing for us XP'ers

eventually they will invoke DRM either from the start of vista's release or during Vista's life cycle.

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Iv'e had a problem that when i install this pack several of my games that require a disc in either my cd or dvd drive refuse to play, and during the process of doing a restore i lost some of my registry and had to do a complete reinstall of windows.

I checked again after the reinstall and the games again refused to play so i deleted it straight away and it seems to have returned to normal, has anyone else had any problems ?.

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