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What has two doors, 184 horsepower, and..


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It's a 325. There will be no bodykits or shopping cart handles attatched to it at any time whatsoever.

Easy with the Haterade, Mike, sheesh :lol: I had it checked out by my mechanic, and he labeled it pristine. So far, the only thing that looks like it will need replaced are the tires.

It wasn't stolen, but it wasn't far from it. I got a very good deal.

01' 325Ci, with just over 37k miles. It's got the auto-stick, but in execution, it's kinda silly. There's about a one-second lag between hitting the stick, and the shift. And with gas at it's current price, I've taken pains to avoid thrashing the engine. Put $48 worth of regular in on Friday. Bleh. Word on the '06s, by the way.

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