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still cool stuff measured out how far we are from the beach and with estimates florida east coast can take a 350 foot wave and we would be alright, anything over 400 i think were toast, where we live.

i dunno i got to doing all kinds of crap measuring distances and stuff...

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Just noticed, they have updated the maps of my area! Old ones were from round 2003, before we had renovated the back of our house, also a near by shopping centre has finished being built in the new pics. :D

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i had a big look around with my brother last night, mainly places we had travelled, and others we'd want to go. And alot of the imagery was crap. Overlapping photos from different times, with different resolutions. This wasnt just in the middle of the see, but over places like Hamburg and Venice.

London wasnt too good either, i think its really good in my area, because google got that footage of our starte government.

@WK: Its probably a good thing you like planes!!

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That's a high school?!

Good lord.

The first time I would take out of town friends/relatives by it usually went something like this:

"So, what college is this?"

"It's my high school."


And whats accross the street? Intel, of course!

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