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Sig Awards Feedback & Suggestions Requested


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We are toying around with ideas to improve the existing Ghost Recon.net Sig Awards contest.

Your feedback and/or suggestions with respect to the current contest would be greatly appreciated in determining where we go from here. Positive, negative, critiques, praise ... all welcomed. To the extent possible, please try to provide specific examples or references along with your feedback.

Among other things, do feel the timing of the contests are too short? Too long? Do you feel there was some lack of transparency? Too much transparency? Was there inconsistency in judging? Too much consistency? Themes too varied or not enough variation? Would you prefer other subjects aside from sigs (wallpapers, etc)?

We'll round up the feedback next Monday if (at all) decisions to make (or not make) changes are made so please provide them prior to that time.

Thanks in advance for your time and effort.

And cheers to Velocity for initially providing us with this great concept.

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I think that a sig and wallpaper, and then an open contest should happen. Open can be just about any artwork you can make on the computer. I think the themes are grreat for the sigs and i think the same should go for wallpapers and open (should they happen). There should also be a seperate contest for flash sigs if there are enough people who do animated sigs and artwork. I think that every month there should be a new theme, and there should be the same theme for all contests.

I just wanted to suggest new themes for the sigs and whatever else:

Ghost recon

The elements (lolmy name) ie wind water fire earth



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It all seems to long IMHO. It seems we are going over a month now for each competition. Would also like to see just for the sig competition the size change to 400x150, thats pretty standard where I run around, like I said just for sig entries. Try to draw some interest, maybe add the entry/peoples choice poll annoucement to the front page.

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thanks for the feedback thus far.

regarding the inclusion of other things (e.g., wallpaper) in addition to sigs, i also think thats a good idea.

regarding the flash-only ... just from what ive seen, there arent too many people that dabble in flash and my only concern is alienating the otherwise great talent here ... will have to think this one through.

regarding timing ... i personally also agree. one month is too long of a frequency.

regarding drawing interest, yes, it might be nice if rocky could reserve a wee bit of real estate on the news page ... we'll have to see.

regarding transparency, i personally have always wondered how some of the contest winners were judged. would a specific rating system and disclosure of the results of that rating system at the close of each contest be a good thing?

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Well when i was a sig judge a couple of times, it went like this: (i think, i have the lost the PM where it was explaned to me.)

Presentation.........*/5 (use of borders etc, is it 'clean and tidy')

Skill.....................*/5 (how hard does it look to be to make)

Originiality............*/5 (pretty self explanatory)

File Size................*/5 (max being 50KB)


Judge would do that for each sig, and then send it on to whoever was running it at the time.

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how about a contest on who has the best personal pic for their System Control Panel

...ehhh...just look here :angry:






Take a 125x125 pixels pic, save as "oemlogo.bmp" and copy it to C:\Windows\System32.

Next open Notepad and type the following:


Manufacturer= GhostRecon.net

Model= Cpl Ledanek's War PC

[support Information]

Line 1=

Line 2=

Line 3=

Fill the lines after the equal signs and whatever text you want

and save it as "oeminfo.ini" in the same C:\Windows\System32

Now right-click My Computer, select properties and see.

This was taken from Maximumpc's Unauthorized guide to Windows XP Special Issue Summer 2004

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Ok you sig-making happy campers ... something wicked this way comes in the form of an expanded, more competitive design contest!

Aside from including other classifications such as wallpapers, banners, and logos, this contest will be no walk in the proverbial park ... judging will be made transparent to contestants ... contestants will need to score a minimum number of points (so there could be no winner) and timing is now also a factor ...

Be afraid. Be very afraid!! shok.gif

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