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No Ingame Text Messages!


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Basically, I had to reinstall GR, and lost all my mods. About a year ago a kind soul here on GR.net made a simple mod for me which disabled all annoying ingame text messages (those that appear in red in the upper left corner saying enemies killed, squads in positions etc)

Was hoping someone could make something like this again. It is an absolute must have for me, and apparently really easy to do. I say whats the fun in storming a room if you already know your grenade killed the guy inside?!?


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I believe it was the LW-HUD. Can't remember who made it now....

Very annoying as I was involved. Was the new version ever released?

If I've got the wrong mod, sorry.

Its not the light-weight hud I mean, though I had that too. This was a custom-made mod that simply removed the red text that informs you of killed enemies etc

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