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Stealth Bomber


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No it is the mill map from Biro.

Read all about it here.

The map is new yes, it's "The Mill". Check page 4 for some more screens. Hopefully gonna come in Alpha Mod if I manage to finish it before it's released.

I was not sure if that was "The Mill" or "The Farm" (it looked more like Farm to me). Either way, those are indeed screenshots and the like from Biro's map work. He has since left Alpha Squad (just about 1 year ago now -- moved on to other games, but kept doing some mod work), and we have not heard anything about further progress on "The Mill" since about January. Obviously it did not make it into the original AS Mod release, and it's not in the 2.5 release that should be out in a few weeks. :unsure:

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Heres an e-mail I recieved from biro after asking him about the plane (and the train models I'd seen somewhere here on gr.net forums...)

"The stealth bomber is just a door I trigger to move after a number of seconds in Igor. I put some sound on it and voila it was looking pretty damn real, but I never got to release that map as I lost interest in Ghost Recon. Maybe it's coming in GR3.

Deleyt is the man with the train, you can probably contact him trough www.red-sector.com

Biro "

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By the way I think it was "The Mill" map too


It definetly is, if you follow the link I gave you earlier, and scroll up a few post you will see Born to kill ask if this is a new map (refering to the stealth video). Biro answers.......yes (see my quote)

And about the train map from deleyt, he is still working on it. You can read all about it here.

Check the video's in that topic, it will blow your mind :)

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