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US Navy Aircraft


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I'm no expert, but there's just been something on TV here where they mentioned:

F-14 Tomcats (not sure which variants)

F/A-18 Super Hornets and F/A-18D Hornets (also used by USMC, not sure if the Navy use them as well, but they seem to be based on the same carriers)

Harrier AV-8B's (again, USMC, but they were shown on carriers)

Haven't a clue about Blackhawks though, but I'm sure the USN site would have some info, or google. That said I think I have a book from an airshow somewhere with info on loads of aircraft (including a weird Phsyops thingy which is kinda sound IMO) so if you want I'll dig it out and have a flick through.


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The F-14 is being phased out and will be replaced by the Navy version of the JSF. The Navy and the Marines will continue to fly variants of the F/A-18.

The SH-60 Seahawk replaced the SH-2 and the SH-3 for ASW and carrier guard as a way to hoise fliers who have to eject for any reason after lauinch or when landing.

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The F-14 is for all practical purposes history at this point in the Navy. If any unit still uses them it's probably only for a few more months. Most of the Tomcat pilots are switching to the F-18 variants.

The Seahawk serves as an ASW platform, but what it is being used for a lot in sandland is transport and as an airborne scout, checking out ships and other small boats.

Flying off of cariers you also have C2 COD's, which serve as transport planes to bring mail, personnel and supplies to carriers. An airwing will have a complement of E-2C Hawkeyes, and I think may still have S-3 Vikings EA-6B Prowlers. The majority of the wing is going to be Hornets though.


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