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Obsidian Edge Full Release


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I just found out the GRAW on consoles will be run and gun, so I'm checking out the PC forums and holy smokes Obsidian Edge looks good!

The only problem I have is I spent way too much on an IBM thinkpad laptop last year, and I don't have a PC. The screen is only 12", so I'm wondering if it would be a problem.

With GRAW going run and gun for the consoles, I'm seriously thinking about gaming on a PC, but the laptop may be a problem.

Does anyone else here game on a laptop?

Would a 12" screen basically make it too difficult?

I know that I can hook up a mouse to the laptop, but the screen is the big issue here. Any input would be appreciated.

BTW, excellent job on the OE. :thumbsup: Whoever did this stuff must have been a REAL GR fan.

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A preview from the 1.1patch.

This is what happens to you when you are in-game and have not selected "Ready" yet. From here, you can say "Yes" and then you are readied-up, or you can say "No" and you are returned to Kit selection to make changes. No more running around on the map unless you are ready to play!

If the round has already launched, you don't see this.

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farcry was enjoyable, singleplayer graphics etc... not bad for a game that is almost a year and a half old.

OE is good, need more people playing it thoe. Dont see to many new faces on the server. Hopefully the new weapons were making and patch will bring some more around.

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BTW were in need for some modeling help,

If you can model, UV map, and texture; A+ work let me know. we can use your help

Contact me via MSN: jbe355@hotmail.com

We werent planning on to many of the weapons in the first patch but im not thrilled about waiting to a later date to have another patch just for more weapons. So were pushing hard to include more weapons then what we originally planned

:yes: Im looking to give this mod a major bump in the weapons department. :rocky:

Some new pics and a recap of old ones.





Some of these modeles were donated to us wich is a releif, Feel free to donate too.

Pretty sure we can get a good majority of what we want done before halloween, what a treat it will be.

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Not sure, I know farcry multiplayer doesnt run smooth at all on 56k. But Iv played OE with a 210 ping before no problem ...

its finally in game


Texans Helping us out with modeling :rocky: I didnt say it yet but Thanks! One less model we wont have to worry about!

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Played with one the other day at the gun store. That's what they look like. And thanks about the ACOG, I have one on my Colt HBAR. It's one sexy scope. I bought it back when I was a dealer, got it for 3 bills. Now they're a grand.

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