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Obsidian Edge Full Release


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It's available now, and we'll continue to add mirrors to service all of you. Grab it here.

Rocky or one of the other mods, can we just let the other thread die? I tried to change the title of the other one to reflect the full version release, but I was unable. I hope I'm not stepping on any toes here. :)

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Runs on version 1.33 of farcry.

If you have a propper install there should be an OE icon on your desktop.

it will launch farcry with the mod. When it loads just click multiplayer and internet...

log in with your ubi account and look for a server

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I'll admit that it does look good, just a pity it hadn't come out sooner. I'd hate to get into this game, only to find that I also like GR3 (PC) and be torn between the two, so I think I'll still be waiting for the official version to be released.

Congrats, on what looks like a job well done though. :)

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Trust me OE will give you that GR buzz you've been missing for a long time, and more besides.

it's certainly worth buying FarCry for if yo udon't already have it. Especially since you can probably pick up FC for next to nothing. I know it's less than 10 pounds in the UK.

If your FC is not installed on your C: drive then the shortcut for OE might not work, mine didn't. But just right click on it and go to properties and change the path to wherever your OE is and it will work fine.

The new OE Ghost Town recreation map looks ace you OE guys. Well done.

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