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Best all round weapon?

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I'm just wondering what you guys think the best all round weapon is in Ghost Recon 2. I am rarely found not using the M4 Scoped. I occasionally used the SA80 and Various Sniper rifles but M4 Scoped is a good mix of machine gun and sniper rifle and rifle.

What would you guys say is the best all-round weapon, some of my friends say the m8 Compact - i think it's too common and boring, m4 scoped is far too un-used.

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My current all around choice is the m8/m320, but sometimes I go with the scar-H for stopping power. I prefer any grenadier weapon because it gives you the option to really reach out and touch someone :) . But sometimes I don't reach far enough and blow myself up :wall:

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Well i think the M8 Compact is the best weapon in Ghost Recon 2..but i mostly use sniper rifles..like in quarry i use the M8 and in Pagoda..but the other areas like train yard or pilot down i use sniper rifles..it gives me more advantage than a rifleman or a gunner.Like one time in pilot down i tried gunner for once and i got sniped about 3 times..so thats why you dont see me as gunner much and if i am gunner i use the MG36..But for sniper rifles i use the silenced one the most..

Matthew :D

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The M240/FN MAG/Gympy is my all-round fave.

The T95 and that Chinese 6.8mm (non-bullpup) are my fave captured weapons.

Don't bother with the sniper rifles for Mission 8 (Bunker Hill Redux)

Too true, hate that level - but isn't it on Summit Strike?

i like to use the weapon called M4, i want that weapon called Enfield

Do you mean the Lee-Enfield (WW2) or the SA80? (L85A1)

Enfield (Lock) is the name of an English gun factory.

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