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ong bak


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went and saw ong bak this weekend ... wow what a great film. im not even into kick boxing ... or mua tai whatever you call it. but still i was at the edge of my seat watching this dude get medieval on all manner of bad guys. funny thing was i watched it in mexico so it was in thai with spanish subtitles - while im fairly fluent in spanish, i cant read it that fast but it was still very much enjoyable if that means anything.

its a story about a villager who is sent off to track down the thief who stole the head of the buddha statue in the village. an otherwise unassuming character, he has mad kick boxing skills and in the course of his quest, gets embroiled in underground no-holds-barred fighting contests, a long-lost brother (who himself undergoes a self-awakening of sorts), and a local mafia who just so happens to be stealing priceless buddha statues.


the.ronin gives it :thumbsup::thumbsup:

[edit] in english ... anyone that can read thai, can you translate the titles of the different moves in the "extras" section under "secrets of muay thai"?

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OFF topic (umm sort of) .... anyone checked this film, not realy martial arts ... just a superb story & well produced ... top film.



I just finally checked this out. Korea's really been puttin out some movies lately, eh? I really liked Brotherhood In War.

This one, Old Boy, seemed almost as if it was trying too hard to get the Tarrantino label. The acting I thought was ok at best. The storyline (dude get's imprisoned for 15 years and released for no apparent reason) did manage to get me stumped - at first I actually assumed right about the sushi chick. Then the plot threw me off. Then I was right again. :blink:

Anyway, if I had to recommend one or the other I would much go with Brotherhood In War. Although both are definitely worth the rentals.

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