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You mean fire them? ok, well i turned all the stat points in the ATR files of my guys to 8, now they freaking act like an elite team, moving carefully, scanning, hiding, taking cover, and yes firing the M203/or throwing frags. Just last night, in the downtown map, I was in the bullding with RPGs coming thru the window, well one of my team members stood up, and fired an M203 straight into the face of the guy with the RPGs, it was pretty cool.

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Okey, the the question is: are your games patched or something?

Cause other than Henkel in IT, nobody fire grenades or throw frags in my teams. So therefore, I wounder if there are an intelligence patch out there..

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Ok. I see your point. Often, because of their tendancy to not using the GL, I carry it myself and let the others carry extra ammo instead (for the quicker reticules).

Thank you!

Who you thanking?

Anyway if they aren't set to suppress they don't use any. Even then I've noticed them throwng Frags three times in countless missions.

Pity they also suck at throwing 'em...

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To boths Space Man Hal and you Slink, ´cause I have installed the patch and now when I set them at supress, those frags fly! :o=

Next step would be to make them survive in CQB :stupid:

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