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I met up with the Ubi Grmany people today along with Bo from GRIN and got a first look only to find that Ubi usurped me in releasing some of the stuff I had found out today with a press release of their own. I got the Press demo with Mathieu (not the right spelling right now) and some one on one time with Bo from GRIN.

Bo was showing me some things that I didn't get to see in the press demo and so far I have some issues with some things and saw some things that I liked. I have much to share, but I may have to get it OKed through Ubi. I spent 3 hours today with Bo alone and will get some more time with him tomorrow.

I have to say I am impressed that the game is doing well and it seems as if we will get something that we will ejoy on the PC side. I feel bad for the consolers. :(

The Ubi team here all knew who I was once I gave them my nick.

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WK one good old Georiga boy to another, dont cut them no slack bro. Tellem what there doing good and point out the really dumb things. By them making us wait this long we only got one shot at getting a good GR game. I'm pulling for ya bro and glad your the one there.

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I feel bad for the consolers. :(

I think that's basically what IGN said but in different words in their new article today - cool to hear it confirmed from someone who knows GR.

I too feel bad for consolers

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....................... I feel bad for the consolers. :(

Its a very VERY good thing I wasn't chosen to go to germany. I would have given those dudes a hard time....a VERY hard time. :FIREdevil:

I hope you shout at them and have real annoyed expressions on your face when you talk to them about the stuff thats wrong with the game. Tell them EXACTLY why you and the rest of the community thinks whatever needs fixing.....needs fixing. And don't use any of the ridiculous corporate polite talk neither!

Make sure they hear your annoyance in your voice.

Clap your hands right up in their faces to make sure they are paying attention too! :angry:

Have fun and good luck on your mission dude......because it is a mission! :rambo:

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I don't get it, why do some of you sound like you want the console version to not be as good as the PC version? By all means maybe you should want it to be equal on all platforms, now I'm not saying that they should have some of the features the PC might have such the map where you can send orders to your team mates. But it almost sounds like you guys are dividing people instead of uniting them. Why shouldn't the console versions be more tactical? why shouldn't the consolers have the same great things the PC might have? I don't know where you got to saying that all console gamers are kids with a 3 min attention spans? Not all console gamers fall down that demographic and certainly not the players I've played with over Xbox Live.

My point is that instead of being happy that the console version won't be as "good" as the PC version maybe you should point out that some (including me) people want to have the same great experiance that the PC version will have.

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I have some info about the PC/console debate that I will include in my report, some of it not so good news. I have asked lots of questions other than what I printed from the Questions thread. Give me some time to get everything sorted once I get back to the States.

Thanks for the well wishes and Yes, I have been brutally frank about some things. I really do want to thank Ubi for bringing me over to the convention.

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"I don't get it, why do some of you sound like you want the console version to not be as good as the PC version? "

The comments may sound like this but I assure you we dont want the Xbox version to be of any less quality than the PC vesion.

Some of the comments come from poor relashonships in the past, so please dont take it personnel.

I hope that all versions will be good and fun to play, we all would like to see this game succeed on all platforms.

Im sure there wont be any more negative comments about Consloe gamers: :nono:


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But why are all the cars we've seen sports and/or luxury cars?

They're shot up and missing wheels, but still shiny and luxurious. :/

And is there any iron sights?

The cars are well valeted, Im sending mine this week for a complete worout.

These shots are just a few and not what the game will finaly look like, its just a peek, this work you see has probably been done over the last couple months and not final.

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I have been brutally frank about some things.

That is why; I personally, am glad you got to go WK. You have been frank in the forums to the devs, where others here have "sucked up" to the devs just because they are "devs", as if it was going to get them somewhere. You make a good representative for the original GR players IMO. Keep being frank.

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