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GRAW Hits PC Gamer (US) October

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Yes its a good article.

CDN_TwelveGauge Did a typed up doc over at the UBI Forums.

The original is done by Dan Morris

This is what CDN_TwelveGauge retyped from the magazine, thanks mate.

The PC version of Advanced Warfighter incorporates two features specific to the computer platform, both harkening back to the tactical pedigree of the original game.

TACTICAL MAP: The tactical map returns, providing the aerial schematic view of the original. Once again, you'll be able to direct the movement of your squads from a satellite's-eye perspective. This is great news for all of us who appreciate tactics in our "tactical shooters."

BREAKING OUT YOUR SQUADS: One of the essential pleasures of Ghost Recon was the ability to switch from soldier to soldier in dynamic fashion. Ghost Recon 2 relied instead on a single hero character. For the PC version of Advanced Warfighter, Ubisoft is providing the ability to break down your unit into subordinate squads that you can direct individually - and jump between them. It's not quite as perfect as individual character control, but it really is the next best thing, and it's a giant improvement on the design limitation of being stuck in the boots of the main hero.

The game is set in and around Mexico City in 2013. The U.S. president has joined the presidents of Mexico and Canada in announcing a new trilateral defence treaty ... and the news haven't gone over so well with a renegade Mexican Army general who doesn't like the idea of military power being placed in the hands of politicians. The Ghosts are in town as the president's security detail, and quickly find themseves up against a rebel insurrection.

Luckily, they've got the tools for the job. Advanced Warfighter doesn't carry that title for nothing - you'll have access to a complex satellite-linked information system. Among your tools: UAV drones (which you can pilot remotely, enjoying the view in a picture-in-picture window), communication links to friendly airpower and artillery, and a realtime camera-and-voice link to all of your soldiers.

The graphics are outstanding. Mexico City is rendered with terrific detail - a modern city under the harsh glare of the sun. New animations allow your troops to slide for cover, while AI innovations direct your teammates to find cover even in a shifting enviroment. (For example, if an explosion upends a car, your troops will adjust to the "changed" enviroment by taking cover behind the car at its new position.)

All of this bodes very well for the return of the franchise to PC. We were skeptical of Ghost Recon 2 when it was first announced for PC, and we said as much at the time - which is why we wanted a good, close look at Advanced Warfighter. So far, what we've seen passes muster. If the PC-specific tactical elements arrive as currently configured, this game will go straight in my hard drive.

- Dan Morris

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The article is part of a 'Super Shooters 2005' feature, and really isn't a review as such. It reads to me like an Ubi press release, because neither Dan Morris nor any of the PCG (US) staff have actually played it yet. There's no mention of Grin either!


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Each bit of news is more encouraging, they are going back to the classic recon, tac map and waypoints, multiple squads and ability to control each squad directly.

Now we need news about modding. Maps and environments can be made to vary in mission packs and sequels, also there may be some variation in the original, but, it's the gameplay that is foremost.

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