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do i even need to ask?  

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If we get a decent amount of votes, I'll contact the winner and let them know :P

How about posting links to a page of photos of each of the contestants, purely for the express purpose of making an educated polling vote of course.

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oh trust me, i did a fairly exhaustive search to make sure these are the most provacative endearing photos of each of them.

besides i already emailed my future wife amanda about my undying devotion for her (this week) including a link to the gr.net thread i did in her honor. yu.gif

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i am absolutely dumbfounded why no one has voted for tina give me a woody!! and in fairness, i think that kate russless would get more votes if she had more provacative endearing photos available on the internet.

dosh garnit, i may just have to email her too!!

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I suppose Boys will be Boys <_<

Not that i would want to ruin the fantasy's any of you have but you do know they really arnt that perfect in real life dont you??

Why is it we NEVER see threads like this on guy gamers?? ehh?

Jealous? me no of course not that would just be umm well ummm *runs and hides before the onslaught*

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Sod the poll...

send me the calendar ....


OMG! Why has nobody thought of this before?! What an awesome idea. Hmmm, maybe we'd get hit with copyright nonsense if we tried to publish our own gaming babes calender for 2006 though. :(

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