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SU-25 Anyone?


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The Chernaya Noch campaign is coming along great and a lot of it is owed to Blakarion's excellent Russian vehicles. However, there is one vehicle that I am hoping I can find someone to make...an SU-25 Frogfoot. In the 1994 and 2000 Chechnya campaigns, the Russian's used the SU-25 heavily for air-to-ground support. I have two missions in particular where an airstrike by an SU-25 would come in really handy.

If someone can help, please shoot me a PM.


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I was hoping somebody good would respond first. When do you need it?

Cobaka comes to the rescue again!!! I didn't want to impose on you granted the outstanding help you provided on the landmine and the map, but since you're volunteering....No rush. Anytime within the next month or so. I am working on a mission now that will use it, but I will leave that part of the mission incomplete until you have it ready.

I'm just overjoyed to find someone to do it! :D It will be a great addition!

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21 hours ago, Eisenhauer said:

in mod P2 there is a SU25  download

Thanks Eisenhauer.  I remembered the airstrike in P2 (replayed the end of the mission a number of times to watch) and went to my copy to find the model, and can't find one.  When I looked at the .mis file in Igor, it looks like the SU-25 is a dynamic map object, so,naturally, can't be used in a different map.

Am still curious about Chernaya Noch - "Dark Nights", and whether it was released, and if a SU-25 was ever completed.

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Couldn't spell Eisenhauer
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