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GR Crashes at After Action

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Hey, 2 Questions and the Main isssue IS..


Ive made a mission and the mission works perfect! But once the mission is over and once you are at the after action screen in either Multiplayer OR Single Player, the game just totally freezes it doesnt even CTD and there is no way for me to go to desktop without reseting the PC not even Alt+Tab or CRTL+ALT+Delete works. Does any one know why this is?? However, in the mission there are some objectives that doesnt say ''Failed'' but says either Incomplete or Complete accordingly. The reason it doesnt show as Failed because I havent made a script block saying ''if bla bla....Objective 1 failed etc'' Could this be the problem??

2. Issit possible to make a clock in the script that displays on the screen just like the clock set at the server menu in multiplayer mode?? IF so please enlighten me!


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So glad some one replied to it.....now that i think about the script, your facts do make sense. THANX ALOT DUDE!!

but does this also include, having a response saying ''Objective failed or complete'' in more than 1 script block?? cheers

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