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Quake III Source Code Release


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Moves like this one by Carmack are going to help gaming get into Linux in a big way.

Especially if other companies follow his/Id's lead.

I think it's a great move, and if enough companies do it, you will start seeing some awesome Linux ports and original games, and that will give Uncle Bill something to really think about.

While it is a great move, especially for Linux gamers, game programmer wannabe's and experts, we all stand to reap huge rewards from this, Dannik is right.

Remember when you are taking advantage of this, that it is for everyone, and if you choose to use this product for free or even to make money with, remember your responsibility to include his and your source code when you release.

One it will look good for you, and two, it will keep you from being sued.

But most of all, remember the spirit in which it was given out, and believe me there is a spirit there, because Carmack and Id don't have to give ANYTHING away. Remember that it is for everyone to freely benefit from. And make sure you give credit where credit is due. :thumbsup:

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