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Olympic Arms has been making a piston-driven based AR for years now. Can't say I'm a fan of Oly, but even they have a one up on HK's 'breaking' technology advancements in the AR design.

As an Olympic Owner (Lower Receiver/Barrel) I'll take exception to that remark :P

They've had issues and done some stupid things in the past. If I wanted a 10mm upper for an AR, they'd be my pick though (I want that, a 10mm UZI carbine, and a MP5-10).

Are you sure they make a piston AR, can you link a source, they make a lot of rifles, and offered a lot of firsts in the industry for civilians, like A3's & Pistol Caliber Carbines, but I'm not familiar with their piston offering..thought they did assemble FAL's for a bit

Look up the OA-93-CAR. It's origins started in '93 and it lacks the buffer tube. I'm pretty sure it's piston driven, but Oly's site won't cooperate and I'm finding other information sparse. Anyway, I don't thing it's an impingement/ljungman action like the AR.

Oh yeah, welcome back Rook, nice to see you around again :thumbsup: schools good for you?

I kinda float with the wind. :D I was bored last night and was thinking of some places I haven't visited in a while, GR popped in my mind. School's doing good, especially considering I'm still a full time student and working about 30ish hours a week, but my graduation date is suffering. That doesn't even include my current car project (I'm doing what I've been threatening for long enough). How've you been?

But after firing the AR-15 the .22 feels like a BB gun. It's definately fun to shoot though.

Shoot the 16" barreled .308 AK in my sig and the AR will feel like a BB gun. :thumbsup: I've been dabbling more in handguns than anything, although I haven't bought a gun since probably last Christmas. I did finally get around to trying my hand at installing a beavertail on my RIA. Did you know .44 magnum case heads make almost the perfect .5" radius jig? :whistle:

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Rook, agree they have had issues, but for my money, those are in the past.. they suffer by a lot of here say.

Ref the OA-93 I am pretty sure it's a modified DI system and not gas operated. I'll ask the Oly GM :) - also glad to hear that school is well regardless of work schedule. Keep at it..

Now Lancer.. I knew you got paid mate, Snow has made reference to your "occupation" more than a few times.. Any time with the MILKOR M-32? :P good fun I'll say, I have a few tricks up my sleeve :ph34r: , sadly I have to pay them :( and not vice versa..

ETA-Found it on their website OA-93

In production for over a decade now. This model uses the OA operations system which incorporates the recoil system into the upper receiver eliminating the need for an extension tube or buttstock.

They also make a carbine version with the same system..but it's not a piston, though I'd see how one could think it was.. I'll see if I can get some pictures of the recoil system and a taken down OA-93


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I could care less about the HK416 now. I emailed the gunshop owner where we got our Rick River Arms AR15 and he said they sell Barrett's M468. That's a gun I wouldn't mind having. From what I've heard from people in here it's like the perfect weapon for urban warfare. I'm gonna see if we can't get a price on it cause I really would like to own one. He also said the SCAR might be coming out not too far off in the future. So it's like "Man what to buy?" I mean I know I'll be issued my own weapon when in the Army but still. Only spec ops guys get the SCARs and there's no guarantee I'll get into that community. I also don't think the regular Army gets the M468. But then again, look at my signature. Have a goodun.

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