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I watched the video for Graw again and saw them taken out a tank with a smoke bomb. So does this mean we well finaly see smoke frags in Graw or just a highlight for the video?

Here's link to Graw if you want to rewatch the video. All i can say is for urban battles i would love to see smoke frags make it into GR. Just think if it does make it in this time it should mean if GR goes back to the woods they might be stuck with smoke frags becuase the fan base hates to lose features from old games and i always wanted smoke frags in all the old ghost anyways for when i got pinned down behind something.

Well for me smoke bombs are welcome for the rest of the future of GR!

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If you look, recent screenshots do not have the outlines around characters. Whether that is because it is turned off or they have been done away with is still up for debate. Hopefully RSE has listened and done away with them. The PC version did not have the outlines when I saw it.

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