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Fire Fight sound


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Hey there,

Ive been playing some Alpha squad fire fight 110 missions and ive also noticed this in alot of other missions so ill use the Alpha squad fire fight as the example.

When the fire fight starts you see the 1st yellow text message and then when the 2nd yellow message pops up saying ''a fire fight by alpha squad...etc etc'', it makes a small, bleeping noise. Now ive tried to look into their script to see which sound tag this is and i cant find it and i cant think of a sound tag in the folder although ive tried listening to nearly all of the tags.

So, does any one know what sound tag this is or how to create this sound???


We know that using {p} in the breifing will break paragraphs.....is there a possibility to create new paragraphs in message boxes that pop up during mission?? if so how?

cheers :D

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