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Aye, I check it most days, www.damnr6.com used to carry a load of mods, but it's not updated as often as it used to be. Whats you're handle on GameRanger? I usually go as 'Dickie' but my user ID is muppet.

i go as ingeloop, but i don´t usually host, just play from time to time.

have been playing alot with 2RH, french guys. but it seems to be a bit

slow now.

people seem to seek other games im sad to say.

personally GR is more alive than ever, cos so much can be done about the game.

i mean skins, chr´s and such

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I just wanted to add an update as of November 21st 2005.

From what I know about Centcom we are nearing the completion of three missions. Each have new maps.

I will add a picture for all because I know a picture is worth a thousand words.


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we are starting to put the mod togather as much of the material is complete. We are looking for people with photoshop skills to maby help with kit textures possibly new wounds? i have black and white profile renders of the weapons to help with someone who would be interested in doing the kit textures. Also scriptors with igor skills willing to test missions in spand MP and help with bug testing /bug fixing in the scripts would be a big help (and give you a chance to get to test the missions and new maps early) any interest you can post here

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