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:o Centcom development sub forum gone

:o Jay's Centcom Blog now Empty

Whats it all mean ??????? :unsure:

Jay ??????

Dev Team ?????

x 2 ?

@Hammer12 => You keep such a good eye on things! :thumbsup:

(Hope this isn't any kind of bad news? :ph34r: )

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The Moon was bright and the grass did shine with the light from the moon, a cow stirred in its sleep as the clouds began to obscure the moon. A tremor more felt than heard signaled the start of a down pour of rain as the creatures of the night began to find cover and the leaves of the trees bowed to the new weight apon them.

Were not allowed to post anything so I thought Id write that for you to read instead.

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Well, how about some images just to hold things over? Most of the image links in the thread are broken, and the few that aren't link to tiny, low rez, highly compressed images with no AA or ASF and don't show much... How about a few mid rez images with some ASF and AA just to give a hint of what's in store? Looks like that much has been promised for a while now...


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Ive jumped on the Centcom team as the mod concludes so heres a few renders of my latest additions all in game and working, but I will let jay show the Ingame Screens.








And myself and jay where beta testing last night, Centcom IS gr2, I havent played GR this much since I bought it, its awesome. So heres a picture of our fearless leader in action.


Cobra and Huey pics to follow.

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