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Type of Mod: Fan Made Expansion Pack

CENTCOM Mod Team: Jay316, the Worm, Buck 50, hydrocide, eskwaad, chems, blakarion, halo jones, lexsis, Militia Man, Tinker, GRT, Migryder, Prozac, NYR, natsanwa, Ed, Sixpence, Cobaka, Blahb, Toniezz, DTD Team, Suicide Commando, SierraNovember6, Snared Gambit, Snowfella, dekela, dugite. Other contributors

Estimated Release Date: Q4 2006


Set in the Central command area of responsibility, CENTCOM is a full Ghost Recon expasion pack with 12 new missions, each with an exclusive fan made map and command map. CENTCOM missions take place in the combat theaters of the current war on terrorism (OIF/OEF) with real-world-mission-objectives and realistic kit load outs. CENTCOM incorporates all aspects of real-world-mission-objectives into the mission campaign, including stealth, convoy hits, personnel elimination, search and destroy, and firefights.


All material contained is exclusive to CENTCOM including:


--12 mission campaign on...

--12 new maps with command maps.

--User interface and mouse icon.

--New music and sounds.

--Several new vehicles.

--New textures for decals.

--Each new weapon has been pulled from the Mod Team's real world experience or from photos.

--Several new gametypes


--All Special Forces kits and weapons have been replaced with new SpecOps weapon configurations used in real life.

--Real weapon reticles for all optics and iron sights.

--fully replaced allied playable characters and specialists with Special Operations characters with woodland and desert camo for MP and SP including 16 chrs for Multyplayer.

--Three new kit options:

--CENTCOM Standard




--All OPFOR kits and weapons have been replaced with Taliban, Al Qaeda, and Iraqi Guard weapons used in real life.

--The enemy AI has been tweaked for use in CENTCOM missions.

--Real weapon reticles for all optics and iron sights.

--All new OPFOR characters.



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[GR] still going strong. I can't wait to try this one out. I hope it supports co-op! Nice job guys.

Tsk Tsk Tsk! We dont know what [GR] means here! Here we call it TCGR!!! :devil:

TCGR, as in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon... :wizard: ...definitely :coolspeak: that TCGR is still going strong!
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The blog is nice, but isn't getting updates much more then the thread was; for obvious reasons as it's just as much work to blog as it is to post to a forum, so I guess I'd rather see posts here adding to the chronology of CENTCOM's progress (just my peference)...

But regardless of where the next progess update goes; I need a CENTCOM screen shot fix! So how about some more screen shots to slack my jones to look at the fantastic CENTCOM art assets!? You gotta know the work is an absolute jaw dropper!

:<img src=:'>

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