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To everyone on the mod team i will be away from home for the holidays until around new years so i wont be able to work on the mod, i will still be able to recieve PM's though so anything you need to contact me about you can still reach me by pm but i wont be able to work on or recieve any files until around the 30th. So to everyone on the centcom mod team who have worked so hard for the last year or so on this mod merry christmas and will catch up with you guys in the new year. :santa:

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I will be back home tomorrow so i can get things rolling again, some of you guys on the mod team continued to work over the holiday while i was away so ive got some stuff to add to the mod when i get home, so thanks for your work while i was away it allowed us to keep making good progress. With the mod as a whole things are moving allong well and the mod is beginning to take shape. We are extending the campaign with a couple new maps so it will be exciting to get those in the mod and see some missions on them, even if it delays release slightly it will be well worth it to see these great maps in the campaign.

Buck and the worm are working hard at the maps, militia man myself, natsanwa grt snared gambit and i are working on adding the last few weapons and kits, and militia man, 31 isnotapowerof 2, and NYR are finishing up 3 new missions. element is working on a new character model and suicide commando is working on the kit icons for the kits. we may also have a great suprise addition comming to the mod so i'll let you guys know if that actually comes through. If it does it is sure to be a great addition to the mod.

There are a couple places we could currently use some help with the mod. Sabre67 was suppose to write our mission briefings but appears to have dissapeared and has not replied to any messages i have sent to him so if you are still interested Sabre67 let me know here and send me a pm letting me know where to contact you for specifics. Otherwise we have a open spot for that position so if anyone especially current or ex military people on this forum think they would be interested in writing military briefings for our missions you can send me a PM.

That is just a bit of the progress currently being worked on for the mod and some news, more to follow shortly.

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Hey jay.

Surprising isn't it, that with the cinematic part of the prison mission done, do you realize that half of the mission is already complete? Well, I'll leave it to you to alter it to your own preferences, taking for example the mood music, briefing, kits etc.

I've managed to get the T55 tank to work, but I've not managed to get it to turn properly, so I'm assigning it to a straight path. Also, I can't get an enemy to shoot his RPG at the tank, so I'm deleting that scene. :devil:

At this stage there are already 100 actors on the map, half the total number of actors.

PS: Can you recount the mission objectives for me?

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did a couple new models today redid the 40mm grenade for the m203 also made a new rpg projectile. i did some new reticles too one can be seen in the weapons thread. Here is a pic of the new rpg rocket.


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Just an update for all you Centcom fans. So far the new weapons we have in the Centcom modification as of 1/02/2006 are:

Many variants of the M-4

M-4 with M-203

M-4 sound suppressed



M-9 sound suppressed

M-1911 .45 ACP



SPR sound suppressed


MP-5 sound suppressed

Benelli M-4 Super 90 shotgun


M-82 Barrett



AK-74 with GP-25



and two new 7.62 x 51 machine guns

The new weapons are sweet.

But the new missions and maps are what I believe is the best. I hope we can get this modification done before the end of February 2006.

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hey your post is not exactly correct some new info has come up today and there are going to be some revisions with the weapons and kits. Militia man catch me on msn tonight and i can explain. Also natsanwa if you can catch me on icq some time soon i have some files to send you.

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Here is the newest centcom weapon thanks to SBJ and cheeky monkey,

the Mk 43 Mod 0


Hi jay316,

it's great to see that you have made a M60E4/Mk43! What did you think about

creating a "M60E4/Mk43 Mod1 Commando" Upgrade from your Original?

This is just an Inspiration. :)

Greetings, Keen



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@ GothicSnake, thanks for your interest. A "preview" will be ready shortly after I finish off the CentCom OpFor weapon sounds and make a few updates to some existing sounds. I'm off work this weekend, so I should have those OpFor weapon sounds finished/near enough finished by sunday night (GMT).

Stay tuned,


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It is worth noting that the preview will not be ready until some time after the sounds are finished because it will need to be made, edited and uploaded, but we will be releasing one for viewing.

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