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Chernaya Noch - "Dark Nights" - is coming soon!

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hi guys!

talking about weather??? well the weater and environments changes in this

mod for sure :) . ato_architect is really scripting away :thumbsup:

some of the chrs you´ll run into beside the SOBR is Lt Isaikens OMON Black 2

unit from Ingushija, a hard core tight bunch of pure pros that can make life hell

for just about everyone :devil:

here are some rare screens of this legendary unit.

(thx to magomed kamalov of the ingushija telegraph)





best regards/ ingeloop

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While we are posting screens...


All of the winter maps in these past images are Lancer's awesome winter conversions from Winter Wonderland. This image also features a BTR and one of the Zil trucks by Blakarion.


Russian troops stopped at the edge of a village while FSB investigates a murder scene in the road ahead. You ex-Army guys know how it goes...all hurry up and wait!

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hows the project coming along?any word yet? ;)

It's moving along. Ingeloop got some more work done this last week on specialist characters and some special actors. I made some revised reticles for some of the weapons and got quite a bit of scripting done the past few days on a new mission. I think by the end of November, the first 15 missions (including all multi-part missions) will be complete and ready for final beta testing.

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when will it be released?soon i hope. ;)

I am shooting for Christmas, but that may be ambitious. Right now there are 17 mission parts (mission files) complete and in beta testing. I have about 12 more to go, although about six of those are already started and just need to be finished. In the end there will be about 29 to 30 actual mission files.

As for actors/charactors and weapons, that's about 90-95% complete. Ingeloop is finishing those up now.

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