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Chernaya Noch - "Dark Nights" - is coming soon!

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thought i'll post you some screenies, been a long time since that happened.

missions will take place in woodland, snowy and urban environments and

i've tried to adapt the skins after that.

as you all probably know, you'll be playing the part of a special SOBR (recently renamed OMSN )unit

from the Ural area, but as we are in Russia, rules and order are not prio 1, other units take part too.

so here goes (in no particular order).......











feel free to comment and come with questions.


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Ho yeah nice screenies !! can ' t wait to play it !! any release date?

No set release date yet, but be assured its coming along and we're getting close. Tinker just finished beta testing the first fifteen missions. The final series are about 50% done.

I was shooting for a release date of 1 September, but we'll see. The last few weeks I have been working on a new mission that wasn't part of my original plan. (Blame it on Ingeloop...he just had to create those Kadyrovski militia guys and I had to make a mission to feature them in. :rocky: ) Its a worthwile mission though...a real killfest!

As another possibility, I may release the mod in two parts...Part A will have all missions in sequence up to Mission 17 where a pivotal event in the campaign happens. This leaves you hanging in the story until Part B comes out. Part B, The Sequel, will basically be an extension misisons pack that takes the player to the end of the campaign story. Doing this would also lighten up the download a bit...this mod is HUGE (Over 1.1Gigs uncompressed).

If I did it like that, Part A could be ready to release by the end of this month or early-August latest. All of the real hardcore mission scripting for the first series is done. At this point its just some tweaking and polishing to get Part A ready to go out.

Any opinions from the community on this?

Would you rather play missions 1-17 as the first part of a two part mod and be neck deep in the War in Chechnya by early August, or would you rather wait until the entire mod is finished to the end (full release probably end of September or early October)?

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:D WOW this sound great, I would love to see this as a 2 part campain after all 17 missions is a lot to be going on with while you guys finish and polish the second part :thumbsup:
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