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Chernaya Noch - "Dark Nights" - is coming soon!

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sometimes it sneaks in through the backdoor and messes with your day a bit, sometimes it walks right in through the front door and begins to dismantle your day piece by piece....for days....

peace out!....the door....Kali has come calling...

what has been done so far looks good, be a shame to loose it. Hope things ease up for ATO..

mig :ph34r:

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I was wondering , since some of the weapons for this mod were taken from the Spetsgruppa Vympel mod have some of the weapons been edited at all or slightly fixed , I remember the AN-94 had a 2 round burst but on the hud it was shown as having 3 round burst selected.

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a small update on this mod project.

i've been in contact with ATO_Architect and he's explained that RL is

taking up all of his time right now and he can't finish this mod as he would like to.

im thinking of taking over and try to finish this mod, cos its far too good to be dropped.

it can most certain be integrated with my recent release MVD Osnaz and can be

thinked of as a very heavy sequal.

to this date the campaign holds about 28 missions!!!

im going to get as much material as i can from ATO and then im going to go thru the

mod again and see how i can finish it up in the best way.

best regards/ ingeloop

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how do you mean karl?

do you want the original ones?

No , I'm referring to the parts of the reticule that move when you shoot or when your soldier is moving, in your last MVD mod you took those out on some rifles. :angry:

ah you mean the small pips.

well, no worries m8. when i release this mod you'll find a file with all the reticles and their data.

with pips and no pips, that way you can add the pips yourself if you should want to.

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to this date the campaign holds about 28 missions!!!

:o I don't know if I could bear taking it on the chin 28 X's. :P


Looking forward to this! BTW, are they going to be MP co-op compatible? Or more SP Campaign missions?



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