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Well, at the moment it breaks down like this:

1 x 20 GB WD ATA HDD for my windows and drivers etc

1 x 160GB Seagate SATA HDD for storage etc

Thing is, the windows drive is too small (low space warnings) and bloody loud.

I managed to pick up a brand new WD 80 gig ata drive for cheap, so im want to use that as my new windows drive.

The question is, what is the best way to "ghost" my current windows drive onto it?

I have heard of norton ghost, and am willing to get that if need be, but is there a better way? I have used Linux Partimag before, but that was all spelt out for me, i just had to mash the keyboard essentially.

So yeah, :help:


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Norton Ghost is a great tool. I usually see you on MSN tonight so I will catch up with you there. There's a trick to getting Ghost to work with XP and it's fairly simple to do.

Stout Hearts


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I just used Norton Ghost today at work. It's very slick. I'm not sure what the price is but it might not be worth the money if you only use it a few times. Is there something stopping you from reinstalling your operating system?

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