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I swear that the movie posted today was the same movie posted back in late May or early June after E3. We all made comments on it then. I remember talking about the bullet time effects of the shot at the sniper.

Yeh it is the same one, the quality streaming from that website is really good, worth watching again!

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Yep same video.

Great stuff to watch again. Especially reading that they did it in 2 months time, which is awesome.

It's getting some critisism from the military techies in regards to the reality-side of it though.

Can't really comment on that as I have no experience in that area but it does seem a bit odd that a US-squad is taking out a US tank :huh:

Maybe it's in the plot, I dunno...

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I dont like that the sniper was the only person to actually look through a scope/sight the whole time, and he looks for like .2 seconds.

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