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I did a search on this forum and it seems like the mapping tools only work for versions prior to 6. Has anybody tried exporting a map using the Max 5 demo? I was going to get the demo version by ordering the book 3ds Max 5 Bible but was wondering if it even supported exporting (seems many demo programs have save/export disabled). Any input appreciated. I'm messing around with a map on version 7 but I don't want to go any further without checking it out in the game. It'd be great if I could work in 7 and import my map into the 5 demo for exporting.


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Welcome to gr.net forums m8! :)

Yeah i think it should work. U can quick test it with some textured floor and box grouped in room _01. All u need is a scenecenter and u r good to go.

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Well, the demo will only last you a month. A workaround would be to create a new user and install it again on that user, I heard that might work. Trust me, your going to need more than a month to create a map. (well, a decent one anyway. ;))

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