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Police shoot a Peruvian terrorist suspect


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A suspect Peruvian wearing a bulky coat and carrying a suspect package has been shot and killed at Paddington Station.

The bear was sitting "all alone on a suitcace, behind a pile of mailbags, close to the lost property office" and did not respond to the officers' commands.

Chief Constable Knacker said "the fact that the suspect was brown and wearing a bulky coat meant we could take no chances. We bitterly regret this tragedy but other bears may end up getting shot in these dangerous times."

The unnamed bear is believed to have entered Britain illegally from Darkest Peru where he leaves behind an aged relative, Aunt Lucy, in a Home for Retired Bears. She is said to be "distraught".

The shooting was witnessed by Mr and Mrs Brown, who were waiting at the station for their daughter Judy. Mr Brown said "the officers issued a challenge but the bear did not appear to hear them, as it was busy eating a marmalade sandwich."

Officers searched the corpse and found a battered brown suitcase with a secret compartment containing a scrapbook. The bear had a label around his neck saying "please look after this bear" and was wearing a floppy hat.

CCTV footage of the victim:


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You lot are sick, Any way he only wears red boots on dates.

If you realy keen you could take a look at this famous terror bear here.



This is not a matter to be taken lightly, men ! !

Look at that dangerous smirk on his face, and the empty eyes. The way his hands are always in his pockets. This bear definitely has somethinng to hide. Don't let the fact that he isn't wearing a turban or a beret fool you ! ! This is one dangerous bear ! !

The real fear is that Paddington Al Hussein Bin Laden has a suitcase nuke sold to him by the now defunct Soviet Union, and is planning major terror attacks in major cities all over the world.

There is a bomb under that hat. I can feel it ! !

We are looking at a new breed of terrorists, gentleman.

He is wiley and cunning, and has cohorts around the globe.

He tries to disguise himself being carried and cuddled by all.

I knew he was a 'mad' bear the moment I laid eyes on him.

Be very wary of this bear, gentleman. He could mean the beginning of the third world war.

Notices with pictures of this wiley terrorist have gone out to law enforcement and intelligence agencies world wide, with orders to apprehend if possible, dead if necessary.

Man your posts ! !


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... reuters just released this photo of paddington al hussein counseling aman al zawhari along with bin laden himself ...


[edit] additional photos released ...



oh the humanity!!!

From CIA, Anti-Terrorism Unit:


Paddington Al Hussein Bin Laden has been upgraded to the number two most wanted terrorist in the world.

There have been reported sightings of him consulting with leading terrorist Osama Bin Laden, his uncle, and leading advisors.

He has been reported in several cities, with an odd shaped, multi-cylindrical object protruding from his coat. But no one reports the same boot color, which threw a monkey wrench in the search.

The only certainty is that he isn't wearing his red boots, which he only wears when he is escorting ladies and gentleman around town.

When our agents get close, he reportedly jusmps into the arms of unsuspecting children to make good his escape.

A truly wiley character indeed ! !

The alert status for Paddington Al Hussein Bin Laden has been stepped up worldwide. There are even reports that the general populace is arming itself in search of this dangerous terrorist, accept in France, where there are reports of him slipping into safe houses.

It is also rumored that he isn't really a bear, but a very hairy midget. These reports are unconfirmed, however.

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