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Handheld Kinfe?


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Has anyone made a knife as a handheld item? Not necessarily for use as a weapon, but for a prop in animation. If it was tagged as a handgun, that would be best. the animation I would like to use with it is the 'interrogating' animation where it is being wielded in front of a hostage. Right now I am using a handgun in the mission for this, but the Chechens (our bad guys in the campaign) are very big on using knives to intimidate and execute captives in the real world.

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you could use it as a object such as a grenade

or pack of ciggerettes or beer ....

i dont have 3dsm 5 anymore so i cant rig one for ya.

althoe if some one is willing i will send them the 3ds file and they can export it for ya....

any one wanna help?

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