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Worst Movie Ever...


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With all the threads about cool movies and so on I thought it would be fitting to have a "Worst Movie Ever" one started. This way I can avoid total disaster the next time I go to rent a movie or flip the channel. <_<

Here's one of my top picks:

I recently got a movie from the public library called "Ghost in the Machine", it didn't have a plot outline or anything just the title on a blue background. I was bored so I figured I would give it a shot. Never watch this movie. It's an 80's movie about a guy who murders people he finds in addressbooks and who gets in a car accident. When they bring him to the hospital he goes through an MRI and in the process he dies and becomes a "ghost in the machine" in that he infects the network and computers and electrical grids and so on. Then he resumes killing people in bizarre and stupid ways. This movie is supposed to be scary but I was laughing the whole way through. Avoid this movie. :ph34r:

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The Tuxedo wasn't bad.

The worst....good question.

But The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is right up there in lights.

I think the worst is Barbarella with jane Fonda. During her VietNam protest days.

BTW, I hear she is getting ready to protest Iraq now.

I wonder if she will kiss allied POW's this time, and turn around and give info to the enemy like she did then?


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