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GRAW in Game Informer


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I got my AUG 2005 issue of Game Informer today and was suprised to see GRAW featured in it. The article was mainly about the XBOX 360 but, it does include some nice screens for the PC version.

Maybe if your at the supermarket or something you might wanna check it out. I typed up the article on my site http://mp.rocknrollranchhouse.com if you want to check it out.

EDIT: I also found this on their site


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I understand scanned pics arent the best way to view pics, but some scans would be nice :thumbsup: , I assume untill these pics are released online (seeing as they are out in the mag).

Any chance (for us PC headz) ?

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I tried scanning them, they just didn't turn out.

I have noticed quite a few screens out there and i think i may have spotted some differences between PC and XBOX screens.

1. The Compass

Take a look at this screen


Notice how it looks like a bunch of numbers which are hard to make out.

Now take a look at this screen which is for the PC


Notice how you can see the entire compass and it also has N,W,S,E clearly shown.

2. The Cross-Com

Again looking at the first screen


Notice it has an arrow at the bottom of the window.

Looking the screen for the PC


It is squared off and there is no arrow. The entire HUD is quite different.

In the magazine it says

All widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio) shots are from the XBOX 360 build, while the normal (4:3) are from the PC version.

The differences in the shots are just what i explained above.

Now you can't judge whether its a PC or XBOX screen all all because, some are cutscenes or something that don't show the compass, HUD or cross-com.

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MajorPlayer, thanks for taking the time to type out the article.

I just saw the magazine article in the bookstore, and I think pretty much all the screenshots in the mag have already been online.

This post was moved to the GRAW Console forum as the article deals with the Console version of the game (lots of quotes from Red Storm Producer R. Edwards, no quotes from GRIN)

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