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The importance of Body Armour


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Hehe, I saw that while at a clinic yesterday. That was some serious stuff, but he was doing as he trained, scanning, and wanting to blast everything in sight, scanning, and moving his butt back around the humvee, that's a soldier!

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treat him and be like oh im beeing nice and then gang FU for shooting at me!

nah thats really cool thoe ... id of just blown his butt away

Hopefully if you ever have the privilege of serving your country you will do as this soldier did which was not only professional but in accordance with the Laws of Armed Conflict.

It's sentiments like yours that help undermine the cause and our self-proclaimed image as 'good guys'. So shake your head before you say something like that, lest less professional people take what you say to heart and we have more problems like Abu Grhaib which have done irreprable harm to the US and allied image in all Islamic nations, particularly those we serve in.




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Allah ackbar means 'god is great'. Essentially people say it just to give god the message that they, you know, believe in him etc. The point is that he is meant to be on your side, so by the grace of god you dont get shot or if you die you will end up by his side etc.

It would be like a christian praying to god before they go into combat or something. Id hardly say its disgracing their religion.

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Those cheramic strike plates are designed to stop those kinds of rounds without penetration mate.

I've seen test shots on the type of plates used in the vest I wore and it reliably stopped even 7.62x51 AP rounds from 5 meters. And that was on a plate that previously had taken 5 hits by different 5.56mm ammo.

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After seeing this, I only know one thing for certain...


That soldier will ALWAYS wear his body armor, and will NEVER complain about it. I remember when they issued us the old style vests, they where uncomfortable, bulky, and too hot. However, they worked (or so they said) against the standard AK and CK rounds.. personally, I'm not putting one on to test it.. :rocky:

And, you have to give this young soldier a solid amount of credit..

Not only did he do his job, but he was actively doing his job, and even after hostile fire continued to do his job.. all of it in a professional manner..


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