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Sniper Elite


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3rd person view and Max Payne sniper bullet effect. That would get very old very fast. Too gimicky.

Slamming games with very little info gets old fast.

Third person works in a great many titles. Splinter Cell is a classic example. Want to slam that? You won't have a vast amount of company. Acting as if third person is evil or the kiss of death may be a personal preference but the sales facts of numerous titles (Grand Theft Auto) show that third person works... allot.

In a title where SA is one of the most important aspects of the title, third person is a must. An absolute must.

And seeing one bullet effect and acting if that is the total sum of the gameplay is simply jumping to conclusions.

Did all of that sound harsh? Good. The fact is titles are constantly attacked on this forum. And usually with very little info and long before they are out. Sometimes enough is quite enough.

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Kurtz, what I've read about the game says otherwise. You only get that kind of thing on the easiest difficulty... The highest has you adjusting your rifle for everything imaginable.

Here's a (pretty poort) gamespot preview: http://gamespot.com/xbox/action/sniperelit...ew_6106622.html

Great find Sup. And quite a good read.

Other videos concentrated on the game's AI, which, as we saw for ourselves, will go a long way toward ensuring that no two plays will ever be the same. We actually got to see one event played out three times, with enemies responding in completely different ways each time when our sniper character deliberately fired a shot at the truck they were standing next to. On one occasion, the enemies split up and tried to flank us; on another they ran for cover. More impressive still was a video in which a wounded enemy was rescued by two of his comrades--one of the enemies drew our fire away from the injured soldier by taking shots at us and moving in and out of cover, while a second went and examined the soldier that had been shot, picked him up, and then moved him out of sight to receive treatment.

Also this noteworthy item:

When you make a particularly noteworthy shot, you'll automatically be switched to a bullet-cam that allows you to follow the projectile's progress to its target in slow motion. The bullet-cam definitely isn't overused, so it's actually pretty satisfying when you make a shot that's considered worthy of the treatment.

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No, I do not like 3rd person games, they invariably are arcade and simplistic in nature. And I did not like Splinter Cell, I did not like the 3rd person or the linear gameplay. Nor do I think this game looks very tactical nor do I like bullet effects, unless you can entirely disable them. A tactical sniper game like this should have a FPV or FPWV. The demo will tell if this game is worth buying not that I believe it will be. There is an absence of any good first person tactical combat games due to the popularity of simplistic, action games which feature linear gameplay and little replayability.

People are free to post their first impressions to anything on this forum, when you get to be a moderator, you can start banning people.

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People are free to post their first impressions to anything on this forum, when you get to be a moderator, you can start banning people.

FYI HF is a moderator. However banning is a burden I take sole responsibility for.

People can post anything they like on this forum, anything at all, nobody's posts are set for pre-approval at the moment. Once it's posted though, I'll decide if the post (or the member) is fit to stay or not. The rules are the primary factor in making that decision, but not the only factor.

Posters who become just plain tiresome might do well to remember that.

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I saw Sniper Elite on an E3 site, and I thought it looked utter b******s. But this actually sounds quite good, the wind gravity etc is the same things Ive said Ive wanted to see implemented for a while. Would get the demo, and if I enjoyed it would probably get the game.

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This game is pretty neat!

GR fans will feel right at home, I swear this first map is the double of a GR map, the graphics are very VERY similar.

Did you guys know that the developers also did a Rainbow Six title! They did Lone Wold (PS2 R6 title).

Woops, that R6 title was a bomb! LOL!

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Another look from Gamespot here:


One of the first things you'll notice about Sniper Elite is that its gameplay options do a great job of catering to players of varying ability. In addition to four difficulty levels (rookie, cadet, marksman, and sniper elite) there's a custom difficulty setting that lets you play around with different levels of enemy intelligence, the size of a grenade's blast radius, and even the length of time that it takes you to switch between your binoculars or scope and the regular third-person gameplay camera. You'll also be able to tinker with "realistic sniping" options, such as the effects of wind and gravity on your bullets, whether or not your heart rate and posture will affect your ability to aim, and how long you'll be able to steady your aim using the "empty lung" technique. Sniper Elite is quite challenging even on its easiest setting, so we'd recommend leaving most of the advanced options switched off the first time you play. Then, once you've got a feel for your rifle, you can experiment with the realistic sniping options that make every shot significantly more challenging and every kill much more satisfying.

And shots at moving targets are always risky, because your enemies will rarely be oblivious to bullets flying past their heads. It's also worth noting that headshots, while incredibly satisfying (especially when you're treated to Sniper Elite's excellent bullet-cam view of the kill), aren't always the best way to go. You might want to injure an enemy and then pick off others who attempt to assist him, for instance, and if you see an enemy wearing frag grenades on his belt…well, you know what to do.

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I'm not a big fan of 3rd person, BUT: it does fit with several games. Splinter Cell being just one series in a list of distinguished 3rd person views: Splinter Cell, Hidden and Dangerous I & II, Guild Wars, Diablo II, etc.

Now, you'll note that all of the titles I mentioned are not military shooters. In that group are a host of racing games, Thief, and others. The Tomb Raider Series, and countless others. Just about all of your MMORPG's, most all role playing games, etc.

Now I wouldn't want 3rd person for a GR style game or one of the series. However, 3rd person came in quite useful at times as an effective option while scoring matches and for other purposes.

To bang a game down solely for it's view is nuts. But if you want to do that and miss out on possibly one of the hottest titles to release, be this or any other game, then that is your choice. Go ahead and miss out. You are going to be the only loser if you do that though.

Yeah yeah. I know what you're thinking: This coming from a guy that has repeatedly bashed GR3 or GRAW or whatever they are calling it this week. But, I'm not basing my opinions solely on a character view I saw in a promo trailer, where alot of promos these days are in 3rd person, so they can give you more of an overall view of the environment. My views on the next GR title go way deeper than that, with 4 Y's(Inside joke. ZJJ will get it). That comes from years of waiting, and having Ubi screw us over and over again, and no, we will NOT debate that here, I'm just trying to make a point.

Now, back to my comment about this game.

I'm with HF on this one. This looks SWEEEEEEET ! !

And if it releases half as good as it looks in that trailer, and does what they say it will, I will sell something to get it into my collection.

And just in case you haven't noticed this little point also: Almost all TACSims have 3rd persion as an OPTION. For those that didn't get that, it means 3rd person as a choice. Ya know something though? Even not liking 3rd person, I can't imagine playing Splinter Cell any other way. It just wouldn't have been right. The same with H & D series.

Sometimes 3rd person is the only way to go. Especially if it's done right. :thumbsup:

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For a very short time, and I mean short as bandwidth is expensive, here is the 30MB film of Sniper Elite I shot. I was directed to take out a heavily guarded target. Once I removed his protection, he was trying to escape and I had to work close. This is an example of how things get hectic in Sniper Elite. There is an enemy sniper on top of Brandenburg Gate firing at me as well.


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Excellent preview HF.

If I was a PR guy at Rebellion, I'd be advertising your preview all over, as your positive comments carry much more weight than the average gaming preview due to your background knowledge of both military and gaming matters.

What codec did you use to make your video? I'm having some troubles running it in Windows Media Player ...

BTW, don't know if many people realize that Sniper Elite developer Rebellion has a Rainbow Six connection: they were outsourced by Red Storm to port the original R6 for the PlayStation 1. Their PS1 version came complete with 2 exclusive missions! :rocky:

Edit: And as Rocky mentioned, they also did Rainbow Six: Lone Wolf for the PS1 for Ubisoft (starring Ding Chavez) although that received little or no promotion.

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CR6, I believe I just captured that with FRAPS and didn't use anything else. I say that because I had about 50 different incarnations of that file trying to get the size down and yet save the quality. That was as low as I could get.

Here is a DIVX version with the very latest DIVX codec:


About the review, too often game reviews are about what is wrong with a title. It reminds me of movie critics whom I absolutely hate. A bunch of talentless jackasses slamming something they have neither the skill nor the patience to create. Those that can...do. Those that can't...critique. The other disgusting thing is when a website talks up also sorts of goodness about a title during the previews then comes down like Thor's hammer in a review. It strikes me as if they are sucking up to get an inside look and then once they title is out they backstab the devs. The process reeks.

Now does that mean I was artificially kind to Sniper Elite? Absolutely not. The game damn well deserves what I said and more. Had it not, I would have told Rocky, who provided the build, that I could not write the Preview in earnest. To be honest I already had the title reserved. I had looked at other previews and picked up that vibe. You know, like the one Bugs Bunny gets when he walks over gold. :P And when the preview arrived I just shook my head.

Rebellion struck a great balance. They knew what to innovate and what to leave alone. Too often devs get the feeling that, "Well if it isn't a totally new idea, then it won't be a great game." What was so ground breaking about HALO or Half Life 2? Not allot. Mechanic wise, they were simply done right. At the heart of both of those games tho is an often ignored feature called a storyline. As one of the HALO 2 devs says on then bonus disc in HALO 2, "We care an awful lot about the story. Certainly more than we should for a game that's basically about running around and shooting things."

Rebellion has went the opposite direction from the idea of Team play. I put them up there with Ubisoft and the Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow MP innovation.

Also, Rebellion did not try to make Enemy at the Gates anymore than Call of Duty was Saving Private Ryan. Sniper Elite is just a great game and I am looking forward to the final version.

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