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On Killing and On Combat

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Hello again folks. I just wanted to recommend two excellent books by retired Lt. Col. David Grossman, On Killing and On Combat. These are two excellent reads for warriors of the Police and Military.

I'd read On Killing as a young Infantry Lt and just recently finished On Combat as such, I would recommend reading On Killing followed by On Combat, particualrly if you are serving in a Police or Military unit (particularly the Infantry and SOF warriors). I won't get into it too much, but these two books are very easy reads and deal with the Phsycology of killing and combat respectively (On Combat has updated some of the information in On Killing).

Grossman's website is rather interesting and if you are interested you can read up a bit more on where he's coming from as well as purchase the books there. Check it out - Killology.com.

Drive on!


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I'm just a lowly Midshipman, but I bought On Killing last year in part just to read for information, but also as a reference for an English paper I was writing :P . I haven't actually read all of it (more like half), but I agree that it is an interesting and easy read while still taking a close examination of all the factors involved in one man killing another. Hopefully I will be able to get through the rest of the book sometime in the not too distant future. Then it looks like On Combat is a book that I am going to need to my hefty list of books for professional development.


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