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V-22 Osprey in final testing phase


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I actually got the chance to hear the Commandant of the Marine Corps speak a little over a week ago, and if I remember correctly he said that the first MV-22 squadron should be operational sometime in '06.

Now all the Marines need to get is the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle, and the replacements for the SAW and the M-16 (not sure if the Marines are also looking to replace the M-16, but the Commandant did say they were working on a replacement for the SAW) and they can kick a** like never before.


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Wow, I have not heard much on this thing in a long time. I never really knew all that much about the whole project as I did not follow it that closely. I wonder how it will fair in the final testing. I heard that there were some problems with stability, but never really knew much of the details.

I always thought it was a pretty innovative design, but hey, what do I know?

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