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Anyone here that can tell me if we GR fans can preebook the GR3 for pc???

Greetings Jimmy

I personally wouldn't preorder it, since you can likely just buy it off the store shelf the day it comes out. But if you really want:





Note the name change: They dropped "3" and are now calling it Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

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firefighter => warfighter?

anyway i don't give a FF about a subtitle, it doesn't add anything, but hurts the eyes LOL

Why not 'GR3: The Ultimate Hardcore Stealth Infantry Simulator' wishfull thinking hahhaha

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the concept of "wartighter" has been utlized on severa levels in the US army. We have a warfighter exercise, which I participated in as a company commander at ft. leavenworth KS. The phrase is not new to soldiers, though it may sound corny to you now, I have heard it for years. a rose is a rose...

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